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Oddities by Aud

Life through images, filtered by my perspective. Literally.

Playgroup Cuties!  The babies and children in the playgroup my daughter attend are so cute - couldn’t resist snapping a few shots.

Party Prep: Birthday Girl!

This week was not only lady baby’s birthday, it was also her birthday *party*.  Believe me, there is a difference.  As such, while we already saw what we did on her actual birthday, there was a lot of prep and excitement for the actual party, which I am sharing some of the best shots of here: 

Although more presents would be received at the party, baby got to open a few from her parents at home, including the Fisher-Price popper that mommy always wanted (and is now receiving vicariously through you):

While mom cooked for a day and a half without stop, baby was lucky enough to be watched by one of mom’s friends, who also has a baby, and improvised to make a jogging stroller a double, with cute cute cute results:

**(note: I did not take the rest of the photos as, due to hostessing responsibilities, most of the party photography was done by friends - thank you, ladies!)** 

Baby at the party, sharing toys with her little friends and sporting her birthday royalty-indicating purple sash:

The baby line-up.  I just hope that someday they really will all know each other and be amazed to see this picture. What I love best in this shot is that every one of them has a different expression:

Birthday cake Part II!  For the party we had devil’s food cake after having the lemon layer cake for her actual day celebration - she likes chocolate!